Benefits to Shareholders

All Shareholders are covered under Insurance.

Every shareholders are provided with 1 Bag of Sugar at subsidized rates as per their sugarcane coming for crushing.

Bio Compost Project

Bi-products from sugar production namely pressmud, boiler ash and bagasse are used for preparing pressmud bio-compost and enriched PMBC and packed in 50 Kg. Bags. Factory gives subsidy @ Rs.100/- per M.T. of PMBC. Thus factory gives about Rs. 25 to 28 Lakhs subsidy every year to their cane growing members.

Soil Testing Laboratory

Factory have established Soil & Micronutrient Testing Laboratory with the help of Rashtriya Krushi Vikas Yojana. In this Laboratory the samples of soil and water analised and giving report to cane growing members free of cost. About 5,000 samples are tested every year.

Research & Development Farm

Factory have around 7 Acres of R & D farm. In this farm different promising sugarcane varieties are to be tested and prepare seeds and giving to the cane growing members.

Cane Development Programme

For increasing the cane production per acre and for improving the sugar recovery, factory is running Cane Development Programme since last 15 years with the guidelines from Scientists of Navsari Agri. University. In this programme factory spent about Rs.45 to 50 Lakhs every year for cane development activities.

Bio-Control Laboratory

Factory have owned Bio-control Laboratory. In this Laboratory we produce Tricho Card for biological control of sugarcane borer pests. Factory giving about 5,000 Tricho Card at free of cost to their cane growing members every year.

Drip Irrigation Method

In the area where shortage of irrigation water for sugarcane crop for enhancing the establishment of Drip Irrigation System, factory giving subsidy @ Rs.5,000/- per Hectare. (Maximum Rs.10,000/- for two hectares) to their cane growing members.